Microsoft-Office Solutions

Integrated Microsoft-Office solutions supporting change (1)

IT support for the administrative management of personnel
- so that there is more time left for more significant matters.

The IT support for HR is primarily concentrated in payroll. In addition, there are number of other opportunities that can be used:

  • Development, continuous education, training
  • Timely processing of the system of registration
  • Preparing statistical reports and graphs
  • Managing the personal files
  • Administration of applications during the recruitment of new employees
  • Calculating key figures for staff planning
  • Automatic timesheet management
  • Support for retirees
  • Accounting of travel costs and daily allowances
  • Text processing and correspondence
  • Pension schemes
  • Free-time activities
  • Operational suggestion scheme

Despite the variety of tasks and deadlines, the general overview of the really important things should not be lost, while simultaneously performing time-consuming administrative tasks on time.