Outsourced HR function

Getting the important and urgent matters solved for a profitable price-performance ratio.

We can provide relief from the timely and costly HR management matters for small and medium enterprises. Based on the needs of the company we can take over the responsibilities of an HR department as a full-package service or just partially.

With the full service of KS FÜHRUNG & MANAGEMENT - KURT SCHAFFNER you can use the complete services of an HR department.

You could also use just some services that you want to have outsourced from the company.

In the delivery of administrative tasks for you we support you with the help of integrated Microsoft Office solutions, which we adapt to your company-specific background. Thus the effectiveness and efficiency of HR-related tasks are increased and you gain more time for other tasks. In addition we process important performance indicators for the decision makers in small and medium enterprises important performance indicators with the help of IT solutions.

In any case you will obtain flexibility, reliability and excellent quality for your personnel management tasks for a profitable price-performance ratio.

You will have one contact person with whom you can clarify all questions and problems.