Process assistance

To adjust organizations to change means to move people.

We support you in the process of planning, implementation and evaluation, of designing, empowerment, and change. We apply these leadership and management principles in consulting, coaching and training. When working with you, we bring to live what we teach you.

Some examples of processes that we have supported our clients in:

  • Design and coordination of  adaptation and change processes on individual, group and organizational level
  • Development of company and management overall concepts
  • Support of personnel integration in cases of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Adjusting/creating task descriptions, job profiles and job evaluations
  • Conducting workshops for determining location and strategic realignment of HR
  • Moderating strategy workshops and strategy change
  • Conversion of results from employee surveys
  • Alignment of the organizational and operational structure with HR 
  • Newplacement consulting for professional reorientation
  • Improvement of the teamwork interdepartmentally and intradepartmentally 
  • Accompanying the introduction of a remuneration framework agreement