Goal-oriented attitude is managed and controlled through structural characteristics such as official channels, job descriptions, titles, chains of command, operating instructions and process cycles. The key task in the management of structures in a company consists in distributing the organizational elements “tasks”, “information” and “power” in an organizational chart and guaranteeing their coordination and alignment to the company’s goals. The structural design includes organizational and operational structure.

Due to the influence of increasing environmental dynamics, it has to be taken into consideration that the organizational and operational structure of a company should have flexibility to be adapted. Organizational structures should be laid out in such way, so that the potential of Human Resources can be developed, and should allow self-control towards aligned with the company’s goals on as many hierarchical levels as possible. Flexibility and adaptability, independent and responsible attitude depend substantially on the form of organization as well as the structure of processes. These in turn determine the organizational culture, the leadership culture and HR management. Thereby the integration of corporate and HR strategy is to be strengthened.

Where I could support you / What I can achieve:

  • Analysis of the tasks and processes
  • Organization of working systems
  • Development of positions and organizational units
  • Organization of work and processes
  • In order to translate your strategy in long-term organizational change and business success we integrate relevant parts from your company’s development processes with processes of the personnel management, the personnel development and the organizational development