The success and the reputation of a company are determined to a large extent by executives and employees, who understand the company goals, identify themselves with these and achieve them through both creative individual performance and teamwork. Therefore each company needs executives who, based on the corporate and leadership culture, are able to set goals, to achieve higher commitment and target-oriented cooperation from employees through their leadership, and to create a highly-attractive working environment for all employees. The management needs to have the necessary competence to achieve this.

By competence we mean on one hand the ability potential and the experience of management, and on the other hand the defined and transferred scope of actions and decisions.

Where we could support you / What we can achieve:

  • Analyzing, evaluating and adapting leadership structures, systems and concepts
  • Designing, adapting and implementing leadership overall concepts, principles and instruments
  • Examining, adapting and creating job descriptions and job evaluations
  • Designing and implementing top management and personnel development concepts  
  • Developing and providing company-specific trainings for top management
  • Developing the internal top management and employee potential in a systematic way 
  • Coaching and advising top management