For the fulfillment of tasks it is essential to communicate with others in a proper way, to work together and/or to align one’s work with that of others. The way in which these cooperation prerequisites run quantitatively and qualitatively, affects the efficiency of process cycles, conflict management and thus in the long run - the productivity. This concerns the cooperation between different departments and functions, as well as cooperation within a department, a function or team.

Open communication is one of the key prerequisites for having different departments cooperate in synergy, and having employees within a department work together in synergy and trusting each other. Effective execution of leadership here means to get all parties involved to work together in order to achieve the set goals in an effective way.

Where we could support you / What we can achieve:

  • Designing communication and information process 
  • Accomplishing teamwork in departments and teams 
  • Solving teamwork problems by using intervention techniques on the level of individual, team or organizational unit